The Elevator Test: Which Type Are You

The elevator doors are about to close on an eager rider who is trying to get on the elevator. Four people are already inside the elevator. One of the people in the crowded box is in a hurry and does not want to wait (outgoing and task-oriented). There is also a bubbly, energetic passenger who holds the door open while greeting the newcomer (outgoing and people-oriented). A third rider is happy either way and smiles while waiting patiently (reserved and people-oriented). The final passenger is concerned as she calculates the weight to see if the elevator can handle another person (reserved and task-oriented).

While not perfectly scientific, this scenario illustrates the Dominant (outgoing / task-oriented) person who is focused on getting somewhere fast; the Influence (outgoing / people-oriented) person who is energized by all the interaction; the Steady (reserved / people-oriented) person who reacts calmly and tries to get along regardless; and the Conscientiousness (reserved / task-oriented) person who wants to make sure the added person doesn’t exceed the weight limit!  As you can see, there were four different people who responded to the same event in four very different ways!