DiSC Sales Test

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By understanding our customer’s expectations, we can:


Identify what drives customers. An “S” personality is driven by:


One of the most basic principles for being successful in sales is that:


In the Sales video, what was Marc overlooking or ignoring about Michael?


What was noticeable about Eric’s behavior and the style cues from Jesse that he is ignoring/overlooking?


If you DiSC dot is positioned between the edge and the center of the circle, it indicates a ______ inclination toward your style


Indentify what drives customers. A “D” personality is driven by.


Identify their buying style tendencies. Dealing with the “C” customer, you should expect them to:


What did you notice about Renee and Christiana’s second interaction?


Identify their buying style tendencies. Dealing with the “ i ” customer, you should expect them to:


The DiSC Sales Map indicates that someone who is accepting and warm, cares more about relationships than results.


By recognizing your strengths and challenges, your goal is to become better at delegating your sales responsibility and be more focused with prioritizing employees’ duties


If you’re a “Cautious” and “Questioning” person, then your style is at the Top and Right side of the DiSC chart


Understanding personality styles can help us understand the differences in how each of us reacts to the styles of the people we work with.


It’s important to remember that all DiSC styles are equally valuable and everyone is a blend of all styles.


The eight words around your DiSC chart, (i.e. results, actions, and quality) are examples of priorities.


There are four basic “Sales” styles of the DiSC model.


Everything DiSC is a simple tool that offers personalized information to help you understand yourself and others better.


A good strategy to use with a “D” personality could be to remember that they appreciate a direct approach.


Everything DiSC Sales, Module 6, covered “adapting your sales style to your customers buying style.”