Before you can achieve anything in life, you have to know what you want. You have to decide that whatever you’re doing is important to you, that it’s worth it. And if it isn’t, it’s time to set new, more meaningful Goals. If you’re passionate about it, about really living out your purpose, you’ll be more likely to commit—to buckle down and set powerful goals. So focus on what you really want to accomplish, and it will make the journey that much sweeter” (Sweatt, 2016, para 1).

Sweatt, L. (2016). 18 Motivational quotes about successful goal setting. Retrieved on March 7, 2019

Our Coaching Methods

The Life Coach will partner and assist you in defining and discovering your personal success. We specialize in identifying the way you behave and think, and break the undesirable patterns, to push you to meet and exceed your desired results. Our Coaching methods help you gain clarity in your purpose; become a more effective leader; achieve your health and fitness goals; and ignite passion in your relationships.

Goals are attained through the following steps:

  • Defining and assessing a mutual agreement between client and coach.
  • Identifying goals and defining a vision for success.
  • Creating strategies and action plans; adjusting as needed.
  • Recognizing limiting beliefs and correcting undesirable habits.
  • Providing consistent and positive encouragement.
  • Bridging behaviors with others to create lasting relationships.
  • Learning to communicate more effectively.
  • Fostering more powerful connections professionally and personally.
  • Understanding and recognizing core values.
  • Continually assessing overall progress.

Benefits of Our Coaching

  • Gained clarity of relationships, goals, life plans, and core values.
  • Personal accountability.
  • Unbiased opinion, direction and input.
  • The opportunity to focus on you.
  • Personal development and success.
  • Help in achieving goals and dreams.
  • Saves time with faster results.
  • Innovative idea generation.
  • Insight into yourself.
  • Gives you a stronger sense of self-belief and self-confidence.


Life coaching is a distinctive service designed to help ambitious achievers meet the outcomes that will bring them success and fulfillment, in any and all areas of life. Here is a basic guide for when each service is appropriate.

A life coach is able to offer direction through:

  • Developing and defining personal and professional goals.
  • Creating action plans.
  • Building effective communication skills.
  • Achieving a work/life balance.
  • Assisting with a new business or cultivating a current business.

A therapist focuses on ways to:

  • Assist in recovering from past trauma.
  • Explore destructive behaviors from past relationships (business or personal)
  • Treats mental health or substance abuse problem.
  • Work through depression or anxiety that affect your ability to function at home or work.