BWF Courses

Our courses consist of handouts, videos, and profile assessments to create a personalized learning experience. Discover Your DiSC Style and learn about The “People Reading” Technique. Take a Management, Leadership, Sales or Everything Workplace Class Today!

Why BWF Classes?

Applying personalities and learning styles directly to any business will improve efficiencies in every aspect of the operations. Building strong relationships internally (the workforce) and externally (customers, vendors, etc.) are critical to business growth and success. Some people are naturally intuitive about “reading” the varied personalities and learning styles (how we process information), but many of us need help when it comes to how to apply it effectively to manage people and even ourselves. By knowing behavioral psychology tendencies of co-workers, subordinates, and supervisors; you will be at least one step ahead of recognizing their wants and needs.

Which Learning Style Do You Prefer?

Are you a Visual Learner? Visual’s like to read books, “view” maps and charts, and usually have a neat appearance. Perhaps you are an Auditory Learner? People who learn better by “listening” to recordings and lectures are auditory learners. Maybe you’re a Tactile Learner? If you prefer to be hands-on or “feel” your way through experiences, then you’re tactile. Learn More about these styles by taking the “LEARNING STYLE (VAT) ASSESSMENT“!